The Temple Is Now Merciful to the Unlucky

Several changes took place in Imperia Online recently – some of the most noticable ones have to do with the Temple and its daily rewards.

No longer should players settle with the initial reward after opening a casket from the Temple – bad luck is but an obstacle in the face of a small amount of Diamonds.

There are now two options – claim the initial reward or retry your luck by opening another of the 3 presented caskets.

This improvement comes around the time the game proudly introduced a new feature: the Wheel of Fortune. The daily free spin grants each player a reward that they can claim on the spot or deny, so that they can try their luck once more.

The Wheel of Fortune is yet another source of caskets: the 12th spin generates a casket containing 1-hour income. However, if the casket is left unclaimed, it’s upgraded each 12th spin that follows. This means that if the player doesn’t claim their tresure chest 60 spins in a row, they’ll receive a 12-hour income.

One comment on “The Temple Is Now Merciful to the Unlucky
  1. Why can’t I open more than two caskets each day in the temple being nomad? I have diamonds!
    Being imperial you can open 6 or 7!
    What’s the problem?

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