The time has come for Imperia Online Summer Games

Yes, summer is here and since it’s here, we cannot let it go without having Summer Games.

Do you really think that we will let you go spend your summer vacation, without being involved in Imperia Online in some way?

If the answer is “Yes” – you hardly know us.

August is the summer’s middle name and we will celebrate this hot and sunny month by setting up Summer Games 2018!

Because while you are taking your sunbath, swimming in the sea or just enjoying the hot weather, you might as well endure 13 disciplines in our tournament, right?

And yes – you can play in the competition from the beach as well. In fact – we recommend the Summer Games to be played this way.

Who will be the Summer Champion of 2018?

Are you ready for some real games?

Registrations launch on July 27th, 3 PM Server Time!

Good luck to all of you, Summer Warriors!

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