Two weeks remain until World Cup 2017!

Imperia Online launches registrations for its biggest tournament on September 28th.

years_blogOnce again the time has come for the nations to clash on the battlefields of Imperia Online in the biggest and most elite tournament we are proud to host each year.

The registrations for the tournament will be opened on September 28th and then, on October 9th, the Qualifiers will commence, so only the worthiest of all could be sifted out to represent their nation in the upcoming epic clash!

This year the motto of the tournament will be “Who will become the next King?”
In 2016 Poland left no chances to the competition and secured its title with complete and undeniable domination, which we have never seen before in the entire history of the competition. You don’t believe us? Where have you been? Have you looked at the final Influence Map of World Cup 2016? Yes, all the 36 castles were conquered by Poland. The rest of the Top 10 countries did what they could to challenge the hegemon, but all they could pull off is to fill up the places from 2nd to 10th.

So, this year Romania, Croatia, Peru, Colombia, Bulgaria, Russia, Argentina, Serbia and Greece will definitely have to try to do better. This goes double for all those countries we didn’t see in the final Top 10, but which we kinda got used to see fighting for the title – Italy, Turkey, Spain, etc.

Imperia Online Team promises lots of changes, of course. Some of them will be quite interesting and quite huge.

What will these changes be?
We will find out soon enough.
So, dear players…
Send your loved ones off.
Take a vacation.
Call in sick.
Even say goodbye to your mothers in law.

Because the World Cup is coming and the Mother of All Tournaments comes with it!
Prepare yourselves!

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