Upcoming Updates in Imperia Online

The following gameplay changes will be deployed in all Imperia Online Realms today:

1. Barbarians will no longer attack players’ Empires. Instead – they will spam them with personal messages, containing harsh language. Because deleting spam is 10 times more annoying than being attacked, pillaged and sacked;

2. In the next Nomads Invasions tournament, nomads will be the ones defending their territory and the players will have to attack them every 10 hours. Failing to send an attack on nomads will result in the player being expelled from the competition. #equality

3. Players’ Great People will no longer serve in court for free. They must be fed, bathed and entertained at least 5 times a day, they must be provided with new clothes at least once a week and they will also choose who to marry, instead of being forced. In the name of love.

4. Peasants will no longer automatically become troops, when the players decide to hire them. Now they will have the option to refuse. Players will be required to open recruitment centers and hire expensive PR specialists, who will have to convince the peasants that military life is the way to go. You have more gold than you can spend anyway.

5. The Sovereign will now have historically realistic mechanics. Instead of just sitting at the top and just being awesome, he (and the player) will have the following responsibilities:

• To hold Small and Big Councils with his governors and generals every day;
• To receive peasants in court at least 3 days a week and listen to their complaints;
• To attend his subjects’ weddings, kiss and bless their babies and give out bonuses;
• To win every jousting tournament;
• To sign all the executions;

6. Festivals will have new requirements, in order to be launched. Players will have to send videos of them singing, dancing and reciting poems to the in-game support and after the support approves the videos are entertaining enough, festivals will be allowed.

7. Weather Forecast’s accuracy will be changed to 90% chance to fail, as it is in the real world. In order to balance the change players will be allowed to execute the forecasters after 3 failed predictions.

8. Spies will no longer be totally loyal to the players, who send them to infiltrate enemy Empires. Now there is a chance for the spies to defect, if the Empire they are sent to is richer, more powerful, more democratic and more social than their master’s one. Same mechanic is considered for military units as well.

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