USA Wins Imperia Online World Cup 2018

The American team dominated our most elite tournament this year, but that’s not the most important fact.


Remember this.

It’s the number of times Castles in the World Cup 2018 Final have changed hands.

If you divide this number to 20 days, which was the duration of the competition’s Final Phase, you will get 23,5. Which means pretty much every hour during the entire Final Phase a castle, belonging to a national team, was conquered by a rival team.

This is beyond comprehension. It can only mean that the national teams, which played in the Final, devoted pretty much their entire time to play.

We, in Imperia Online, are speechless.

We have witnessed the most tense and competitive tournament in the history of the World Cup.

It all started with the Brazilian School of Rush Tactics in the first days, where the bronze medalists showed everyone how to take castles fast and how to create an enormous pressure for your immediate competitors. Everyone was shocked by the amazing Blitzkrieg the 2014 World Champions performed.

Then we saw Egypt settling in quite comfortably in the Top 10, never backing off from the 5th place.

Then we saw the World Champion United States quickly answering the Brazilian challenge and starting to slowly taking the control of the map.

Then we saw Romania, coming out of nowhere, sweeping through the map like a wildfire, reminding everyone who is the most solid and persistent national team in the history of this great tournament.

Then we saw Russia, backed by USA and Romania, waging a total war on Brazil for the bronze medal in an unbelievable showdown at the very last two days of the Final.

We saw France growing up to be a solid team, which almost got into the final Top 10.

We saw Peru performing a final dash, which launched them to the 9th place – their biggest achievement so far.

We saw 19 national teams with castle points.

This is actually amazing and it’s an official record.

And the World Cup Realm ending with 794 out of 900 active players?

We won’t even start to comment on that…

Congratulations to USA for winning the gold, to Romania for getting the silver and to Brazil for earning the bronze!

You have all proven worthy to become immortal!

You and all other teams, who made this World Cup the most memorable one!

Thank you all for this!


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