Venture Beat: Imperia Online – one of the first to integrate ClanPlay

Teamplay communication goes to new level thanks to our partnership with the big platform.


There is no doubt that a large part of the awesomeness in Imperia Online is occupied by the teamplay mechanics. The social element and the ability to achieve common goals with teammates is unparalleled and cannot be compared to anything, when we are talking about endgame content and playing on the elitist possible level.

That’s why we have decided that we need even more options for our players to communicate with each other, especially when things get hot and you have to coordinate your alliance in a matter of minutes.

Thus, the partnership with ClanPlay was born. It is a messaging app that makes it easy for mobile game developers to add messaging features to their clan-based games. It includes the messaging systems for players to communicate, plan their strategies, recruit newcomers, engage in diplomacy with other clans, and share their accomplishments. Basically, what you have is a constant connection to your allies through your smartphone. The ClanPlay chat system is tailored for gamers. It has timers, pinned messages, and discussions around shared files. Players can chat with 50 team members or talk one-on-one.

Which is quite convenient, actually.

And, that’s not all.

Because we are actually the first web-based game to integrate ClanPlay, as the prestigious Venture Beat website reports.

Which is even cooler!

ClanPlay is available on Android now, and it will likely come to iOS in March 2017.

So, is it time for some more teamplay?

Yes, it is!

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