Viber Emperors with Its Own Sticker Pack!

Hilarious emoticons and memes now go to total war as well!

Viber Emperors Stickers

Who says medieval life is not fun? Of course it is! Especially when you have a whole arsenal of emoticons and memes to spice up your conquest!

This is what you will get after you download the Viber Emperors Sticker pack into your Viber chat! It’s a double deal which cannot be resisted – first you get to Viber chat with your friends and foes and, second – you do it Medieval-Style! Chickens flying out of siege cannons, flaming birds announcing they are coming to help, grumpy spearmen, asking “why so serious?”, female archers taking selfies, laughing knights, angry knights… No, we will not spoil them all of course. Needless to say is that every self-respecting medieval ruler should definitely possess these stickers in order to be in line with the latest medieval fashion! Right?

You are most welcome in the Viber Emperors chat here:, where you will find the latest news around the title.

So… without any further delay, you are all encouraged to seek your local Viber agent and proceed to download the hottest Viber Emperors Stickers pack!

There will be no exceptions! Have fun, Your Majesties!

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