Vote for Imperia Online at Europеan Business Awards!

Our studio is nominated as a National Champion in Customer Focus category!

Vote for Imperia Online on EBA

We all know that winter, despite being the time for skiing or snowball fighting, is also the time for retrospection, looking back at all the time that has passed and also… for some awards and recognition! One such recognition for our studio is the European Business Awards event, which announced Imperia Online as a national champion in the Customer Focus Category! It gets better – according to the E.B.A. rules, being a national champion grants you the right to compete for Public National Champion award in any given category, which is done by voting for presentation video. And, guess what? The public voting started yesterday and will continue until March!

So… why would you vote for us?

1. Because we are cool.
2. Because we are the biggest game studio in Bulgaria and one of the biggest in Southeastern Europe.
3. Because we offer support, in which the problems in our games are solved within 48 hours.
4. Because we love gaming.
5. See 1.

It will be a stiff competition – successful businesses from 34 countries across Europe will compete with us as National Champions. But we are confident that we will win, especially if you, our fans, got our back.
Well… What are you waiting for? Vote for us now!

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