We are proud to have our leaders nominated for Top 100 in Career Show

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here, as they say. And our company’s road is a really long one.

When the studio first started, no one had guessed that we would go so far. And it was all started by several people, who had dreams to make the best possible online game in the world.

And from one single computer, located in an internet-cafe, things are now, well, a dream come true. Imperia Online is now one of the biggest IT businesses in our country and it is all thanks to the people we are about to mention today.

The people who are nominated for Top 100 IT Persons in Career Show.
Dobroslav Dimitrov, our CEO and Co-founder and Mony Dochev, our CTO and also Co-founder and Cvetan Rusimov, our COO were all nominated for Top 100 IT People, and our Head of HR and Administration Velislav Georgiev was nominated for Top 100 HR People respectively.
Well deserved nominations, as these 4 guys are pretty much the captains, who have sailed our big ship into the endless sea of gaming for years now, always pointing in the right direction.

The yearly Career Show Index rankings’ goal is to show inspiring examples of the high professionalism and dedication of HR specialists and the IT people in the country. The index grants a well deserved recognition of the efforts and achievements of the people from both these sectors. More than 16,000 votes decided who are the most influential IT people in Bulgaria.

So, we will be there, because it will be a great honor for us to be among the participants. We are grateful for everyone who voted for our Management as it is a well-deserved win.

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