Welcome to Your Improved Empire!

If you haven’t logged into your empire today, you’re in for a treat! Brand new looks of buildings and timers have replaced the old ones and beautiful dams and moats are now giving your holding that extra polish it deserves!

The most noticable changes, of course, are in the Capital:


The new look of the Capital.

Fully zoomed out.

Fully zoomed out view.

Before we go any further, here is a ‘Before and After’ image of the Capital:

The timers are now two times: one for researches and one for construction. When you have both a research and an upgrade going on, they are now shown at the same time:


The two types of timers are shown on the University.

The changes are easily visible in the Provinces as well:


Same goes for the Alliance holdings:

aliance holding

…and the Alliance castles:


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