Why can every website be a strategic partner for game developers?

If you are a website owner regardless of the type of portal you have – gaming, blog, news related, or for your own personal business, you probably have space where you can put banners for advertising, right? It is a really quick way to up your revenue with no additional time investment. In recent years, advertising has really become a major revenue source for many. 

But have you ever thought about advertising games? The game industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with a revenue to surpass $160 Billion by the end of 2020.

Mobile gaming especially made up 60% of the revenue for the global video game market in 2019, generating $50 Million. 

It is a really profitable industry and the chance of increasing your revenue is almost certain. One question you might ask yourself is how do I find gaming studios who would like to publish their games on your website and the answer is simple: They will find you! It is like an ongoing trend, if you start with that specific type of advertising, studios will probably contact you.

It is the same case for Imperia Online, we even have a program Become an Affiliate on a visible place on our corporate website for most of our games.


Drawing from our own Affiliate program everything we offer is quite simple and the work is done mostly by us. We provide you with the necessary tools a.k.a a traffic link and custom art for the banners which you then upload on your website. There are no integration costs and no age limits for the traffic. In result now every user that has clicked on our game from your website and has registered will automatically be recognised to have been brought by you and whatever amount he starts to spend in the game will be split by the game developer and the distributor.

To build fantastic relationships with a loyal user base, we offer custom promotions for events and tournaments. Also all kinds of news weekly, which can be also republished on your website or social media profiles to drive even more traffic. We have seen in our practice websites that even open game sections into their main domain, because they see that their normal users stay longer on their sites, playing games. That being said, we can easily place our games in an iframe into your website, because they are resizable. 


Monetize through our browser or mobile games! It seems logical that if the game is better positioned it will most probably draw more attention therefore appealing to more users and generating more revenue. If a user starts paying there is a over 60% chance that he will make a purchase again. Imperia Online supports more than 300 payment methods in the web browser games, taking care of the local specifics and preferred alternative payments by the players. We also handle the monthly invoicing in-house so you don’t have to worry about that either. It sounds really easy, right? That’s because it is. 

Though let’s not forget that in this kind of corporation, non-monetary values are more important. At the end of the day we are together on this beautiful spaceship, so, we should help and respect one another. 

Our Marketing and Biz Dev Team is always online to answer any questions or queries you might have for us, we like to schedule calls and keep in touch with our partners regularly in order for our partnership to keep flourishing. 

We encourage everyone to engage in this kind of business deal, it might be your big leap towards potential long lasting profitable partnership. Also don’t be stressed if your website or gaming portal is not in English – we support the games in 30 languages, so you can expect an audience match. 

If you want to be bold with this decision and want a professional approach in this kind of partnership we are always seeking and open for new collaborations so don’t hesitate to contact us at biz.dev@imperiaonline.org

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