Winter Games, Weather and Captured Nobles in Imperia Online Next Year

Massive updates and new stuff will be deployed in our game right after the holidays.


We are sending off one of the best years in the history of Imperia Online and this is a fact nobody can deny.

As the emotions of the best World Cup so far are slowly calming down, we are now faced with tons of new stuff, which will be deployed in Imperia Online right after Christmas and New Year holidays pass.

  1. Winter Games II will launch in January, gathering the best players in the game once again for celebrating the Winter in the best possible way – battling each other, while being trolled by 15 disciplines, created by yours truly – the IO Team.
  2. Imperia Online will finally have Weather Effects. The long-anticipated climate module, which will be a complete gamechanger will make its debut in Winter Games. Which means winter will really come in Imperia Online. We kid you not.
  3. Generals will now have a chance to be captured by the enemy, if they lose the field battle. Ransoms in diamonds will have to be paid, in order to get them back. Did someone say “As Medieval As It Gets?” We completely agree.

So, what else is there to say?

Ah, yes – spend your holidays wisely and gather your strength.

For Year 2018 will start with fire and brimstone!

Happy Holidays, Your Majesties!


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