Winter is coming to Imperia Online

Gifts, winter event and snow everywhere!

Winter is coming to Imperia Online

Winter is upon us and we have prepared some brand new features to celebrate the season. Here is what we have in store:

  • A special campaign under the motto “Leave no ally of yours without diamonds during the holidays!” – purchase a diamond pack for an ally and send it as a gift. We are also sending the same diamond pack to another one of your allies.
  • Winter Invasion – a gameplay event where players earn points for winning battles against independent cities, barbarian camps and special winter camps. The points are used to rank you on the leaderboards where you compete for chests full of resources.
  • A brand new winter themed graphics – a complete reskin of the game’s graphics and UI to fit the season accordingly. Please note you will be able to switch between the standard and winter graphics at will.

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