World Cup’ 17 Grand Finals are Here

The Imperia Online biggest tournament’s Group Stage was amazing and looks like the Finals will be epic.

GRANDFINALSWe can safely say it now and everyone will agree with us – the best Group Stage in the history of the World Cup Tournament is over.

To those of you, who still don’t believe us, let’s share some “boring”statistics:

  • 7 national teams, who gained influence points, did not qualify for the Finals. We haven’t seen such tenacity like… ever;
  • 3 teams managed to defeat the group leaders and go to the finals as winners. One of those teams is USA – a team, which is a member of the leading 36 teams for the first time since the start of the World Cup and was drawn as a slot 4 team;
  • Greece broke the record for fastest castle rush, managing to conquer it 49 hours from the Group Stage launch. It is the strongest team to not qualify for the Finals, generating influence points until the Group Stage’s very end;
  • Spain managed to rank 2nd in Group 3, defeating the Group Leader Argentina and generating more than 10,000 influence points in the last 3 days of the phase;
  • In his debut among the leading 36 teams in the World Cup history, Mexico ranked 3rd in Group 4, defeating the 2015 bronze medalist Iran and effectively taking them out of the competition.
  • Not being among the leading teams whatsoever, Israel needed only 100 influence points to defeat Germany and finish 2nd in Group 6, performing an amazing final push, which led to Greece being out of the Finals;
  • Albania, Egypt and Hungary were keeping the Group 7 leader and two-times silver medalist Romania in the barrages zone for the entire first week of the Group Stage. The Romanians managed to make a strong comeback at the end, which costed Hungary its place in the Finals;

We can go on, but we think that’s quite enough for you to realize we had an unbelievable World Cup so far.

Yes, we have the Top Dogs ready to clash for the title – Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil – they are all here. But now these teams face the new players in the neighborhood – Russia, United States, Germany, Albania, Israel, Ukraine, France, Spain, Peru, Mexico…

And we will have Finals in which those “newcomers” will give the Big Guys a real run for their money.

We guarantee you the World Cup’17 Grand Finale will be unforgettable.

It all starts today (November 17th), at 3 PM Server Time.

Full tournament info at:

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