Are You Ready to honor Your Country?

The most anticipated Imperia Online game event is upon us!

IO_WC_promoThe tides of war rise once more!

All eyes will turn on a single Realm where 30 nations will clash in fierce battle to determine the new Imperia Online World Champion!

The journey to the ultimate prize will be marked with excitement, tough decisions and unforgettable moments.

  • The tournament kicks off with the Qualifiers. At the end of this phase the 30 best players of each country will form the country’s respective national team.
  • Next is the Group Stage. All players from each team will have to work as one and rank the team in one of the top four spots for each group.
  • The remaining teams will then enter the World Cup Realm. In this final stage of the tournament everything is at stake and anything can happen. All in the name of one thing – the title of World Champion!

Registrations are completely free and start on September 23rd.

The tournament begins on October 5th, with the assault of the first enemy wave.

For Country and Glory!

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