Paying by bank transfer never been so easy

One of Europe’s most preferred online payment methods Trustly in Imperia Online games


Thanks to the partnership between Imperia Online and Trustly you have yet another fast and secure method of getting Diamonds at your favorite games Imperia Online, Imperial Hero and Game of Emperors.

The great thing about paying with Trustly is that it’s free of charge and doesn’t require neither registration nor software installation. All you need is your online bank account from which you can make your purchase directly across all terrains – desktop, tablet and mobile. It is convenient, safe and simple! Available in 29 European countries! Live with Trustly Direct Debit in Sweden! Live with iDeal in the Netherlands!

Imperia Online’s new partner Trustly provides direct online bank payments, one-click transfer from your bank account, Only 1€ transfer fee for SEPA countries across a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

So far you had the opportunity to use various other in-game payment methods, but you’ll surely love what Trustly can provide!

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